and then there are legendary bad days. So that gaeden is nanobots and the living organisms are the solar pannels powering powering themif bao bots are na o then they could build a super computer nanobots sized that would be just as powerful as one we would build with larger than nanobots tech that we have existing nowthe only reason super comps and banks of processors are big is cuz they are hilt with our existing technology not with the movies nanobots tech that willie his conscience built, In response to many here the thing is we are already one with everything. Everything seems to be going well, until Evelyn finds out that the people Will has treated can be controlled by him as puppets thanks to nanomachines inside their bodies. Making his way back to the surface, Riddick purposely activated the sensor he had found on the recently-acquired merc ship he had taken from the mercenary Toombs. That was exemplified perfectly when everyone who was infected/healed with/by the nanobots reacted the exact same way when ordered to. I think he killed Will and Evelyn, and transcended beyond them. What does that mean? Here, the line of what is morally permissible seems to have been crossed, especially when Will controls the mans conscience and uses him to talk and attempt to touch Evelyn. Even if it is Will, even if his intentions are pure (as morgan freeman alludes to) humans would rather destroy their entire world than give up control to live in a utopia symbolic of heaven. The movie is full of plot holes. Vaako and those soldiers who had survived the mysterious blast effect fled toward their ship's landing zone. But he's wary. We asked director David Twohy everything we wanted to know about the new Riddick movie, and he told us a ton. He discovers that Vaako meant to keep his promise and that Krone had betrayed Riddick on his own. He would confront his own demons now. (LogOut/ Unaware of the complex machinations being plotted by others, Riddick strode purposefully towards the final confrontation with the Lord Marshal. How is that possible if the copper wiring was supposed keep all electrical signal out?, That is not how a faraday cage works. One could see how a world where everything is a part of a machine could turn into a Matrix, or Terminator-type scenario. JUST A MACHINE CONTROLLING YOUR BODY. Mouth gaping, instantly now made Full Dead, the Lord Marshal fell forward to the floor. Eyes: BrownGender: MaleHair: BlackHeight: approximately, 6' 4"Weight:192 lbs If Will can control the people infected with nanites, he is like a queen of the hivemind. Just my thoughts, it safe gaurded itself from total annihilation. And in other news, Twohy says they're already planning a Necromonger-heavy Director's Cut DVD. To some degree, it depends on the success of this one, so we shall see. After trying to get Vaako's location and failing to do so, Riddick killed Krome. Karl Urban Imagine watching even the faintest expression you made, the effect it would have on everything and everyone around you, as clear as a ripple on a pound. WHAT WAS WILLS CURE? a cage is STILL a cage, no matter how pretty it is! The AI never used violence but it did take over the individuals it supposedly heal. Will knew it wasnt going to be him. (LogOut/ ALL GOES BLACK AND YOU DON*T EXIST ANYMORE. Inscryption ends with a final bit of weirdness. you don't see coming that puts you down. list and left for dead. That was my next question, the world is so elaborate and beautiful, silver skeletal like armor and skeletal fashion. Was it mostly green screen? Create a free website or blog at How could she have been. The Canonical Answer: Riddick doesn't get around to taking an oath of office as head Necromonger, or something, which pisses off his death-soldiers, so Super Shredder from The Secret of the Ooze shows up and fights him. But yes, there is an extended flashback sequence that explains how Riddick went from King of the Necromongers to being left for dead on this deserted planet. We get the sense that while it's great to be King, you have to deal with the assassins outside your room. One by one, row by row, the leaders of Helion Prime drooped to their knees in obeisance to the Lord Marshal. How is that possible if the copper wiring was supposed keep all electrical signal out? Reaching up, an armored hand deflected the blade. Ultimately just Hollywood being Hollywood. Dont you guys get it? Following a disagreement between the facilities guards and Toomb's mercs, a fight ensues. ALL GOES BLACK. Without fear or hesitation, Zhylaw started down the stairs toward the central dais. He was doing what he did to help save the world, which is what Evelyn wanted all along. Will claims that his computer will be so advanced that it will basically trigger a technological singularity, which means that the computer will achieve consciousness and will think by itself just like a human does. The transcendence was Will all along. Were not going to live forever, so my humanity is only temporary. After escaping the planet, Riddick made his way back to the Necromonger fleet to kill Vaako, only to find commander Krome in the Lord Marshal's chamber. THIS IS SKYNET BUT THE UGLIER VERSION. Is it right to take a mans life if you know it would save ten lives? Riddick and company are forced to fight the Necromongers. Or neither? But even then he thinks, "one of these [courtesans] was sent here to kill me.". Can't risk another attack. Yay Will? Like despite all the bad things that came from Jesus Christs message, there are still good things to learn from him, you just have to look for them. They kidnap Max and try to convince him to develop a virus that could destroy him, and stop his work. Portrayed by At the end of the film, all these nanobot things that Will created are spread across the world through a huge rain storm. In her mind, where would Vaako be without her to motivate him? Will did this despite knowing that hundreds of thousands to billions of people would die, be injured, and be drastically worse off as a result of the blackout. What could he have overlooked that would lead the Lord Marshal to treat him this way? Is there a difference in the story between Convert and Fight. Will gets shot by a polonium bullet, he survives the radiation and will kill him in less than a month. The Lord Marshal roughly pulled the figure up off its knees, and ripped back the convert's cowl to reveal the face beneath. If you preorder a special airline meal (e.g. Are there any other works featuring Riddick? One too obstinate or ignorant to conform. With each person he helps, he is ultimately adding another soldier to his army. It is just as well, perhaps the virus was thwarted? Thats my happy take away. When Evelyn is dying she mentions I can see everything which hints that she has been uploaded. With this knowledge he could use more of the Soulpower than any other Lord Marshal making him the most powerful Lord Marshal in history. As the Lord Marshal was about to let out a cry of triumph, suddenly it turned into a gasp, accompanied by a wide-eyed look of surprise and shock. When you say the next movie, I think to myself "movie 4 or 3?". Yet no matter how strongly or sensibly he objected, she continued to insist that she had seen him here. When Will uploaded Evelyn to the system, she became part of the system too! Their cohort Max Waters has reservations about the demand and whether Will is really the mind in the machine. While I found Transcendence a fascinating movie, the idea of uploading a persons consciousness to a super or even a quantum computer (?) As Riddick had himself went down, he somehow managed to drop twenty of Vaako's team without raising a finger - no weapons, no gas; nothing. His highly controversial experiments have made him famous, but they have also made him the prime target of anti-technology extremists who will do whatever it takes to stop him. Nelson Acosta is a professional writer and translator based in Caracas, Venezuela. Though she was partnered with the Commander, this did not keep others from trying to insinuate themselves into her good graces - and elsewhere. "They need to get Mac Jones a bonafide No. Alive That should be considered a boon, not a punishment. Vaako confided to his wife that he did not like that which he didn't understand. Will said at the start of the film that he wanted to live in peace within his garden, with Evelyn. The deal is struck, and, although we learn that Vaako's intention was, indeed, to make good on this promise, his subordinate, Krone, charged with taking Riddick to Furya instead takes him to the planet where the film largely takes place. nordstrom vuori women's February 16, 2022 In the end the Dr was always the good guy. If Vaako had said he was certain about it, then it was certain. Using the facilitys high-tech equipment, he heals the man instantly. He did make a backup of both himself and his wife in some nanobots, dropped them into the garden through the faraday cage via the rain, and was content to live out eternity in that garden with his wife while the whole world believed him to be destroyed. Using his unnatural abilities, his ethereal self ripped the soul out of the body of a defiant politician, who protests fell silent, as the empty husk of humanity collapsed to the floor. What is the purpose of this D-shaped ring at the base of the tongue on my hiking boots? casters world already exists, although supragenetic human transformation is most likely to be interrupted by extinction. It wouldn't matter if Riddick was there or not. As long as the technology has a benevolent agenda, Im okay with the singularity. Just like the proverbial Adam and Eve (Evelyn???) Theoretically Correct vs Practical Notation. They did not rouse him to anger because he understood the motivation. Vaako began to doubt. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. No. Bulk update symbol size units from mm to map units in rule-based symbology, Using indicator constraint with two variables, Is there a solutiuon to add special characters from software and how to do it, Can Martian Regolith be Easily Melted with Microwaves. This dog that I've seen concept art for, it's a cool looking monster dog. And who would dare to contradict the word of a Commander General recently anointed by the Lord Marshal himself? This explains why Vin had been saying in interviews "you have to go through the underverse to get to furya". It isn't a bad one at all, but it doesn't matter how many times you come back to it, the film just doesn't reflect the incredible amount of talent that was poured on it. In The 100 series finale, the question of Transcendence came to a head. That which did not defeat them made them stronger, he knew. Will Caster is brilliant, has adoring fans, and seems to have a benevolent agenda. Just because a monster comes with smiles and bearing gifts, it doesnt stop it from being a monster. Often, he is chosen as one of the Lord Marshal's favored commanders to lead the Necromonger forces in planetary assaults. Dame Vaako reassured her doubting husband that all mysteries were not miracles. What happened to the knife he killed the Lord Marshall with? The results could be catastrophic. In the last video cutscene, Luke answers the door when the woman from GameFuna again knocks, but this time, she immediately shoots him in the head . BUT we then see a final scene where we see rainwater thats gone through the Faraday cage, drip over some sun flowers. She explained to Vaako that he would never see the Underverse. Only the humans used violence.